No Limit in Speed…

What, where, when?
What is important is to control and direct this traffic and to turn the critical
moments to the benefit of the firms. Therefore, we give importance to being
punctual and have no limit in timeliness and speed…

T1 System Provides Easiness, Savings and Speed to Firms

T1 System is becoming more and more common at a fast speed, being used as an alternative to the TIR Carnet for transportations to the European countries. Thanks to the T1 System that has many superiorities compared to the TIR System, the firms are no longer required to pay high amounts as security. We as TAN Logistics provide major savings to the logistics firms thanks to our cooperation with the firms that provide global securities. We also provide time savings to the logistics sector where the firms compete with the time.

Firms have their customs clearance services carried out faster and also saves38 euros per vehicle in one way export transportations with the webbased T1 System compared to other systems. Thus, a firm with a fleet of 15 vehicles that make 2.5 journeys per month saves 17,100 euros. Firms also no longer have the burden to provide high amounts of security.

Moreover, we do not only act as a solution partner to the logistics firms at the customs clearance offices but also feel proud to be a real solution partner by preparing the declarations (TIR-EPD-MRN-ENS etc.) required to be made for the transportations to the European Union (EU).