No Limit in Expertise…

Problems can not be solved with standard solutions. Each problem has its
unique solution. Achieving the results without departing from the target when
faced with a problem requires, knowledge and experience. For us, expertise is a
process that does not have a limit.

Professional and Continuous Services

We grew more every year with the investments we made since our establishment. With the belief in mind that the transactions will be carried out fast and effectively without any problems with expert employees, we developed out human resources policy and took strategic steps accordingly. We got the return of our investments as reliability and gradually increasing business volume. Setting off with two people, we today turned into TAN Logistics family with 140 expert employees.

We take the necessary steps for the processes of the companies being our strategic partners with all our employees with team spirit. We as TAN Logistics family serve our business partners continuously 7/24 in our sector where hustle and bustle does not stop not even a moment and time is of great importance.