No Limit in Advantages

Service means making difference and turning this difference to the benefit of
the solution partner and providing additional advantages. Therefore, we
compete with ourselves and have no limits in making a difference in the
services and the business partner advantages we provide.

Leave Not Up to Chance But to Tan Logistics

We make the declarations for all RO-RO transportations notwithstanding whether or not they are our customers at all ports since the date these declarations became necessary with the authority vested in us by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) and the International Transporters’ Association (UND). Thanks to our customer centers, providing 7/24 service, we can respond immediately to any possible problem.

The data regarding the firms we work with are available in all our offices across Turkey. We complete the missing document or fulfill any deficiency, if any, or solve any problem that may arise before the vehicle reaches the internal customs offices. Our expert team also provides services for controlling the transit documents to our solution partners, if requested.

We as TAN Logistics also give importance to the confidentiality of information. The documents of all the transactions carried out by us are archived and delivered to the business partners as if the same are performed by these partners.