No Limit in Solutions…

We are a team that always pushes the limits and goes beyond. We are a team
that loves it’s job and knows how to develop. We have no limit in the solutions
we provide and will provide to you.

  • We are at your service at all customs offices across Turkey,
  • Controlling and following up statements,
  • Issuing TIR Carnets,
  • Issuing CMRs,
  • Preparing the road documents for drivers, and documents for international receivers,
  • Preparing T-1s of Turkey (NCTS),
  • Making data entries required at international customs offices (MRN, ENS, EPD, etc),
  • Registering TIR Carnets,
  • Writing transfer statements,
  • Giving summary statements,
  • Delivering the delivery orders and original documents to the customs officers,
  • Following warehouse statements,
  • Following vehicle discharges,
  • Carrying out transfer transactions between internal customs offices,
  • Following securities,
  • Obtaining Certificates of Compliance,
  • Controlling the documents of the vehicles coming from ports and gates of entrance,
  • Agency services,
  • Carrying out the exit transactions of the vehicle at the internal customs offices based on the instructions given to us and following all processes until the vehicle is sent abroad from the border gate,
  • Following the registration and discharge processes of the vehicles coming from abroad until the vehicle is fully discharged based on the instructions given to us.

Contributions to Sector and Awareness

The logistics sector has a major role in Turkey’s achieving the export target of 500 billion US dollars in 2023. The customs clearance services are of great significance for the on time, economical and problem-free transportations. For this purpose, we as TAN Logistics established solution partnerships that will decrease the costs of the logistics firms with our investments and the extensive service network we developed. This allows the firms to focus on their own works by having the transactions carried out exclusively instead of performing the customs clearance services themselves under the ever increasing competition conditions. The result is faster, easier and more economical customs clearance services.